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oky then.....go as Spartacus!
A woman seriously!
Me in the jeans i want with straighter hair!
Quote: Originally Posted by compulsiveshopper314 ^ The jeans are in the Glamour link ahhhhh now i see it! Thanx!
Why can't i find the desinger stuff??!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiSurf Aww, why haven't you told them yet? Cuz they are crazy neurotic jewish parents :S I think they have an idea though....they are just in denile.
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe Linds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! i'm going to adopt you and make you my new little sister. Please do!! Then you can take me for rides it your new Eclipse! This is the first time i've posted pics of myself. I figured out the magic of my crappy camera phone last night !
Happy Coming Out Day All!!! Usually my school's LGBT* group does something for it but this year they didn't. I guess i will have to wait until next year to tell my family that i have a gf.
Okay you guys here goes. I am going out this Saturday and this is what i am going to wear. Please excuse the bad quality of the pics and the mess by my mirror :P. Thedress isn't by any special designer, it is from a local boutique. The shoes are BCBG
There are male models! You just have to scroll down a bit more. the H and M one has males too!
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