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Quote: Originally Posted by dirkdigles whatever dude. dress up as count chocula and i guarantee you will get a response from your girl Mmmmmm count chocula
Quote: Originally Posted by Silverwing99 They had Shawn Brady in a pair of R & R's .... very hot mmmmmmm Shawn brady. I miss the old shawn though...the new one is too....dumb...
I am all about the dressing up. french maid school girl dominatrix sexy cop roleplay is so much fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r oh little do you know.. LOL she already is.. :P i'll post what i wore today in a little bit. it's kind of similar to what i wore the other day, but my cam's at home and i'm at a friend's apartment right now, post pics later. I *heart* you Frankie! So if i am not_a_virus's little sister and he calls me Ashlee " LindsE" Simpson....does that make him Jessica Simpson? Naaaa..... not_a_virus is WAY...
Aaawww honey i am so sorry to hear about that! But like everyone said it seems like the best thing to do right now. I don't think she is a bad person but it seems as though she just got used to you taking care of her and took it for granted. I have been in very similar situations and it isn't pleasant at all. It is even harder when you live together and it is your house. But rest assure you will find a girl who will be as kind to you as you are to her. Good...
Aaawwww you poor thing! I have had that bug before and i have to say it does suck. Mine didn't last for more then 3 days or so though. Maybe get a note from your doc saying you were sick so you can be excused from the exam and rewrite it at a later time?
Well i know that there are some HF members from Winnipeg in which case i probably know them or one of their friends. There is usually only 1 or 2 degrees of separation between one winnipegger from another. Andif anyone here lived in Sherman Oaks CA i may have some sort of connection to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiSurf Happy 13th, everyone! Sorta off topic, but my baby is 8 months old today! omg cutest baby ever! You are one lucky mum to have such a happy baby!
So it is Friday the 13th today! I tend to be warry of this day because when i was 10 my grandmothr died suddenly on Friday the 13th and then our basement flooded the same night. Only 14 more hours to go for me! Wish me luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder creepy retro gym teacher. i'm considering that one. grotesquely short shorts, tube sox, old school trainers, whistle around the neck, mustache, sweatbands, overly tight sporty polo... hahaha Richard Simmons!
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