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Quote: Originally Posted by heathervieno Ooh ^ that does sound like fun. I bet things get rough. They have in the past....in a good way though
Quote: Originally Posted by heathervieno More dress up ideas hmmm... Pirate and wench is a good one. Waitress and client or bartender, stewardess and pilot, naughty teacher, personal trainer, etc. I like to do one where I'm a stripper and I let my hubby convince me to break the no touching rule. This thread is evil!!!! The stripper one is really hot! I like to pretend that me and my gf are really angry with each other....
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP You guys rock. As far as more pics are concerned, you will have to pry them from my girfriends fingers ( MISSPOOKIE) And not-a-virus, name the time and the place my friend.... LOL Can we watch you and not_a_virus??
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe i'd go gay for cutup I'd go straight for CUTUP I have a thing for men's upper bodies in general. Shoulders, arms, backs, chests, abs....yummy. We need more pics!
Quote: Originally Posted by MISSPOOKIE Aww, sorry to hear that hun. You know what they say, "breaking up is hard to do." But in the end it's almost always for the better...trust is absolutely huge in a relationship, without that it's hard to build an even stronger one. I agree with LindsE, when saying that she definitely got used to being cared for and she got a little too comfortable with it. There are plenty women out there who will contribute and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Silverwing99 I loved the old Shawn also (so much HOTTER) ... this one just doesn't click, eventhough he is a good actor ... hating the whole story line with Willow the hooker too ...BUT the jeans looked good! LOL Why did the old shawn leave? He was starting to look even hotter! It is bad enough that they replaced Kristin Storms now i have to deal with a new shawn?? at least he looks hawt in those...
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose This thread is uselesss without pics Oh just u wait until halloween!!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoesandbags1969 HEATHER, YOU ARE A FREAK!!!! Ok, so am I. Our favorite is school girl with red plaid skirt, white shirt with ruffles, little girl underwear, knee high socks, pig tails and hello kitty backpack.................. My husband is the school principal and I'm staying after school for doing something naughty........................................... ....... Okay now that is just hawt!! I love doing...
Quote: Originally Posted by dpchemd1 You guys are freaking hilarious Are we funny cuz we dress up or cuz we like count chocula? I need some more dress up ideas!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by nique27 me OMG Brad Pitt is that you??
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