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Quote: Originally Posted by baljite mgoose - this was me and her at a cousin's wedding 2 weeks ago.... Recognize her at all? omg your cousin seriously looks like my GF's cousin.... Both of you guys are soooo pretty!
Quote: Originally Posted by iwish I swear, I think I need to start dating women........ At Least we tell it straight up. I am 30 and I get picked up by old men or drug dealers?????? I don't get it. I am drug free, yet they are all over me.....That is why I am so bitter. I have got a total chip on my shoulder.. I had the best time last night @ the strip bar OMG soooo much fun! I get hit on by the old men and the creepy drug dealers/drug users too! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by CorporationMe i'm at home on a sat night, studying for my LSAT. oh the joy. GOOD LUck! I am writting the LSAT this spring! let me know if it was scary at all!
Quote: Originally Posted by iwish Men are evil creatures. I have learned a lot in my old age. Why would men lie to pick up a girl???? Why do WE wait for them????? It's like all night surround sound, whos out there...... I swear, I tried to "act like a guy" in a relationship it scared the crap outta them. i *heart* u iwish!! Im only 23 and i get picked up by all the old guys!! I don't know if i look old or if they just want some youngin! Or...
I think we need to change the name from the Honestforum to the Hotnessforum!! Everyone looks so amazing! Frankie...i love your TRs...you look smoking HOT!!!
Has anyone ever heard of this brand? I tried some on today and they seemed really nice but i had never heard of them before...
1 pair of Diesels 1 pair of crystal madrid VBs (finally!) Dinner at Joey's
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r djrajio looks like he just stepped out of the movie Matrix. but nice outfit, props to being fashion forward. sigh: sick outfit! i like it. it's very classy. like something i'd wear. nice! Linds: i thought i stole your heart the other day. lol Hahaha Frankie you know you have my heart!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by sigh That's a nice trench djrajio sigh...you just stole my heart!
Oh thisis EVIL! Now i don't know what kind of sexy cop to be for halloween!
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