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So far i haven't eaten anything today....I have an exam tomorrow and i am super stressed plus i haven't been feeling well . But now that i see what you've made...i realized that i am super hungry! Wanna come and share with me?
It is official, i am going to be visiting my cousin in England in December. I will be staying in both Cambridge and London. But now i need to know a few things from the UK members: 1) what should i bring to wear? 2)where are the best places to go shopping?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoesandbags1969 Well, it's supposed to be pimp and ho. If my date looks like a "pimp" (black zoot suit with velvet hat, etccc) Then here I am dressed like a naughty nurse, we won't match would we? I feel like I should dress more like a "ho". You know, bustier, leopard print skirt, hot pink heels. I guess I don't know the "rules" of dress for this type of party. If I show up like a naughty nurse then I'm just attending a...
Quote: Originally Posted by jlpubarch igloo apartment? OMG u didn't know? In Canada we all live in ingloo apartments :P Im JJ of course...but i may as well live in an igloo it is so cold here!
Quote: Originally Posted by revolve The stupid medical services plan of BC sent my husband and myself a bill for $1296 for coverage over the next year---that's fine, we don't have a problem paying that amount. What I do have a problem with is that I sent a check for that amount, which they've cashed, and are now telling me that I never paid. WTF??? I'm so friggin pissed off right now, and they refuse to do anything about it. Someone, somewhere, has the...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoesandbags1969 Is it okay to wear an sexy adult Halloween costume or should it be more of a Ho costume? U could always go as a sexy cop there to "break-up" the party and arrest all the pimps and hos :P Sorry i have a thing for the sexy cop idea this year. Damed hot cop guy in my Crim class!
OMG if i didn't live in an apartment i would adopt him in a flash! Such an adorable puppy!
It is really really cold in Winnipeg in the winter so my usual winter look is: Jeans Blazers (i just bought a great velvet blazer that looks smashing with my new jeans and a pair of boots) Knee high boots (i have about 3 or 4 pairs mostly with a higher stiletto style heel but i do have one pair with a chunkier heel). nice sweaters if it is really cold A long coat If it gets really cold out i will wear my Columbia parka Elbow high leather gloves. If i am going...
Quote: Originally Posted by baljite Your girlfriend is brown? Like, a girl that is a friend, or your partner? My partner GF . She is Philipino but her cousin is mixed.
Quote: Originally Posted by staluckey yep Okay this just made my life that much greater! My grandparents have been going to PS every year for 2 months and i get to visit them quite often! Now this is going to make my visits even better!
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