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Quote: Originally Posted by shoesandbags1969 Okay, very nice..... I hate to fight, so I'm thinking a LindsE-Tmilli-shoesandbags-ciabbata sandwich!! What do you think? Although, I know that LindsE and I could possibly have our own sandwich if you know what I mean? I am so in! Man i wish i was in Cali right now!
Quote: Originally Posted by umac Lindse, thanks for your quick reply. Are you sure Fino is closed now? I went to Fino last Saturday and it wasn't closed. I believe they have a close-out discount right now. Can you please tell me where Showroom is located? The problem for us is that it will be better to try on the actual clothing before buying it from online (such as Honestmall) so that we can get the right size. I think Fino closed today but...
Quote: Originally Posted by tmilli shoes... can we date? Look: http://www.honestforum.com/showthrea...t=77493&page=4 Shoes if you don't want him can i have him?? ?P
Quote: Originally Posted by tmilli Damn it, I had to... Just turned 20 keep in mind OMG i think i am moving back to Cali......
Well the only place that carries Diesel is now closed (Fino) and i don't know if Showroom is going to carry any Diesel. Your best bet is to check out the Honestmall right now. Any place that has premium denim in Winnipeg is going to overcharge .
Thanks so much for this thread! My mom did the Walk to End Breast Cancer this year nad i am so proud of her. She walked 60kms in 2 days and raised over $5000! And remember, breast cancer can also affect men so guys should be on the look out too!
Quote: Originally Posted by cebseb whoa... all you women are gorgeous... do you guys intentionally avoid Columbus, OH or is that just my luck? Is that an invite? If anyone wants to see my pic please click on the link to the old HF...mine is the first pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by gospastic OMG that bears game was UNBELIEVABLE. that is all. Haha that just made me laugh... Da Bears..... I wish i didn't have an exam tomorrow! I've missed soooo many football games!
Quote: Originally Posted by Libby Blake! The Thrust-Master! Love that avy too . . . it's so inspirational?!?!? Ceb: I don't think you should post comments anymore. Just pics of you repeated over & over again, like morse code or something Best idea EVER!!! You seriously deserve a Nobel Prize for that one!
Quote: Originally Posted by talk_shows_on_mute Pretty aren't they Those are beautiful! But i agree with allison...it is going to get so mucky outside that white jeans are going to get soooo dirty. I had to retire my beautiful white jeans to my summer area because i know they are going to get filthy if i wear them .
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