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40's Gangster is always hot plus it goes with the whole pin-up girl (which i LOVE, especially with a hint of Vargas!)
Quote: Originally Posted by groov2 My name is Brandon Hart. I want to change it to something cool like Orian, but I'll just have to wait till I have a child. Okay DO NOT change your name! That is seriously the greatest name ever! I am officially jelouse!
Quote: Originally Posted by groov2 I am finished midterms and doing nothing all day. So here I am: look how fitted these pajama bottoms are Okay I thought it was funny. I LOVE the slippers!
Lindsay...with an A not an E... My middle initial is W.
Frankie i don't have anything clean right now either. I should just throw all my laundry in a big bag, hop on a plane and head down to Chicago so we can do our laundry together! Comando is the way to go right now! God i feel like a guy.
Oooo lucky u! Bloor St. has some great shops (Holts, Zara, Prada, Club Monnaco).
There are some other brands you could look at that aren't super premium but are still quite nice. I tried on a pair of Little Big Jeans this weekend and they fit great. IJeans are also really nice and relaxed and made my legs look REALLY thin!
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r okay this isn't exactly what i wore today..but some other random day when i went to American Apparel to look around. but this is what sk8 his look like with jeans. SUPER SUPER shitty pic. but i'll take a better pic later. i'm kinda "gangster" and i wear one tongue out.. i dont know why. i'll take a full profile from the bottom down pic later on tonight. Frankie Hollywood why must...
I agree with the Dojo idea. I have a pair and they look sooooo good! I would suggest getting some with a bit of stretch to them for added comfort.
Quote: Originally Posted by chadler first time posting...never thought i'd do this, haha this was actually friday night, but whatever =P Oh my hotnesssssssss! Can i take you home?
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