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Uploaded with ImageShack.us     It is a Safado but which wash?
Quote: Originally Posted by frankfaster84 Yup. Me too. Where did you get them? I ordered them from asos. That is why i am still waiting and cant give any own opinion yet.
i just have ordered the thanaz 8b9 . Cant stand it holding them in my hands. As soon i got them i will give a short feedback . b.tw i orderd them in my usual size
Hi I just bought those shoes but i cant find any tag on it saying where its produced or what it is consisting of. I actually dont even know what that tag is called but my diesel shoes got that inside the shoe. can you please check them
Quote: Originally Posted by tricky I like my 8DK but I have to agree with Nick, it isn't thaaat special. if they would reach a good price, I would probably sell my pair. anyone interested in W32/L34? the run on 8dk is probably caused by zac efron wearing them. ive got one pair in W 32 L 34 if anyone is interested let me know
Wow cez where do you got them from? they look amazing. i cant find ndc anywhere but yoox.
I was wondering what Shoes Zac Efron is wearing on that picture. Some sort of High Tops but i cant find them anywhere. Been searching for some similar Shoes in Zara, Diesel and different other local stores but never really found those. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Anyone knows the estimated value of a pair Diesel Thanaz 8dk W32 L 34, worn 2-3times but no damage ? Ebay always offers some prices above 150$ but i wanted to figure out the real value of the jeans
Diesel Thanaz 8kw 73j neu bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 18.04.10 19:32:18 MESZ)
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