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zatiny 8j4
The Preview wil come in the end of june, but i cant tell you guys which jeans is meant to be preview.   there are 2 delievery times.   the first one as i said end of june   and the main which contains more of the collection will be delieverd at end of july, beginnig of august...   As soon i get more information i let you all know.   maybe i can get you some picture. there will come 3 or 4 new cuts for male
Did anyone one of you considered the position i am standing in the picture . My Feets are very close to  each other.    
Whatever.   I am a diesel employee so the jeans was just 120 euro and i like the wash and the fit, even if you dont .   the denim is very stiff and heavy. it is not that comfortable , but hey i can handle that :D I am going with my normal size w 31.   I dont think that they will stretch , just as i said its a very stiff denim  
Well i bought this pair in the Diesel Store Cologne . I Like to share my pics with you   Any Opinions?  
    Hope its the right section   I think i try to buy a nudie jeans on ebay.   But i dont know my size on Nudie Jeans and especially on the Modell Thin Finn.   Usually i wear Thanaz W32 and with stretch 31 . Should i go with the same size ??   Does anyone have both jeans and can help me .   And how is the fit in comparison to Diesel Thanaz more skinny?   I really appreciate
Or it is maybe just these two washes which go a bit wider than usually.
Actually i really like the Shioner, the wash is a typical summer wash.   And to the second Question , naah i am usually wearing thanaz and shioner as well. Maybe its the shioner pic , that shows my ass that huge , but in real its not like that.   Which cut would you suggest me?
  Hey   i just bought these 2 pairs of jeans yesterday.   Feel free to comment.   Shioner 8pj         Thavar 8w7  
FC BARCELONA youve been trying these pairs on in the Diesel Store in Cologne?
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