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the preview will be relased on the 15th November in the stores. At least thats what is planned for germany .
I am working for Diesel and i saw the Thanaz in the 881z wash by myself, so i guess it is very sure ;-)   I saw them in the Show room of Diesel
hold on the 881z wash will be relased fortunately ss12 in thanaz
Die heißt Fibel und nicht Bibel :D
Redet ihr von den MItarbeitern im Store Köln?
the thavar is in real much brighter , dont know why you got one so dark.
In germany the preview is also relased. Mach dir keinen Kopf auch Österreich müsste demnächst mit Preview beliefert werden. Die Lieferscheine sind schon draußen.
we received the preview in our store but im also pissed off, the washes really blow but the prices still rise
i could offer you a pair of Diesel Thanaz 73V in W32 L32
Hello everybody   I was wondering whether anyone is interested in a pair of Diesel Thanaz 74K in sizes 31/32 ; 32/32 ; 33/34 and how much you'd be willing to pay. I could hook you up with those sizes.    
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