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@Jeanetic the 8qu reminds me a lot of the 880G u also have in Thavar. Maybe its just the picture
He looks so cute.   I hope i will also afford some day , buying my child diesel clothes, looks awesome.   And ur Burberry Hoddie looks fantastic.
No i would rather guess the 8i2 Wash.
Your Belt is way to big , but great jeans
Sven   Im welchen Store hast du denn die Tepphar angezogen? Und kostet sie wieder 270 Euro?   Danke
I can assure you guys.   Its defenitely a tepphar the dude is wearin on the pic.   Wash looks a bit darker in real
                                 Took me a while to upload the pics..    
I will upload tomorrow a few more pics of the new washes
  Thanaz 80K my favourite Wash will be unfortunately aviable on january     Diesel Thanaz 80Q   just a bit lighter and has the same abrasions like the 80k   IMO i like the 80K more than 80Q   But i cant wait til January :D
yes sorry he has been missguided because of me. I have been confusing a wash that comes this ss12 with the 881z   I hope i can make it up to u guys with these 2 pictures of ss12        
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