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Hello Im new to this so excuse me if im neglecting any rules:   Im offering a new pair of Braddom 802K (either grey or antrazit) (never worn, with tags) in W30 W31 W29
  Thats a hell of an outfit :)
Dont wanna dissapoint you but the left one is a braddom and in real the wash is much brighter than shown in the picture. Nevertheless it is a quite good wash  
  They wil be somethin around 210 Euros in europe
  Where did u get that jacket ? Looks very nice  
Very nice outfit
@Jeanitic   Great Fit on the Diors and in Diesel as well.   your legs are really meant to be wearing Thavar
Diesel Jacket DBG Tee Diesel Thavar 19qu    
Thursday   Thavar 888p Diesel Tee     Friday   Thanaz 880k Diesel Tee       Saturday   Diesel Chi Tape Chino DBG Tee Diesel Shirt  
New Posts  All Forums: