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http://store.diesel.com/de/carrot_cod36428350ls.html   i guess in reäl the colour is much brighter thän shown in your picture
Sorry for bringing the bad news but there will be no more Thanaz execpt FW13
Great Outfit and that Darron fits you great.
  I am pretty sure its just thavar 886b
both codes didnt work for europe or at least for germany :-(
In germany this year the sale will start at the 27th December, I assume it is the same with the US .
Do you guys think that i should really size down to 30, because usually i am wearing 31. Does it really stretch a full size?
  Which store did u visit?
@Phukette   Do you not have the Shioner 801 A in W33 and now regret to took them a size to big?
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