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Wow, I'm so excited about this. Here's hoping they will stock 30L jeans too!
yeah... i kinda knew i was way off, lol. I was mainly asking to find out how it *should* be worn
how do you tie a scarf like this one? Diesel Black Gold Manda Black Scarf - ssense.com I'm guessing you fold it diagonally and knot it once in the back, but... is that enough to hold it up?
The Adidas store carries Diesel jeans? I had no idea... I'll have to check it out!
Yeah, I think this is one of those hate 'em or love 'em kind of washes... the streaks can definitely be a bit over the top for some.
So, for some odd reason, no stores in Canada carry 30L diesel jeans. Anyone know what the best way to get them in Canada would be? I know you can purchase them online, but which stores actually ship to Canada, and have good pricing (to offset the additional shipping costs, and duty fees that are tacked on at customs)?
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 I'm not surprised that a request for measurements was not given a reply; can you imagine if every prospective buyer emailed/called a store and asked them to measure the waist, thigh and leg opening for a pair of jeans they were interested in? You're right - typically I'd agree with you, but the only reason I asked them was because they used to provide actual measurements on their website. There was even a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock Speaking of contacting them...I can't get them on the phone...I call from France, no problem a voice says "this number is not toll free, you are calling from outside the US blablabla" ...ok ...it rings one time and then nothing else but a "tutu tuuuu" like the number is out of order or something... Somebody managed to have them on the phone because I can't and it's not the first time I call to the US. I...
So I ordered a pair of Diesels on jjdenim.com (my first time buying from there) on Oct. 14. Today, 2 days later they get marked down an additional $17.70... kinda annoying since I haven't even received the jeans in the mail yet. At least I used the code that got me an extra 10% off... but I guess I still could've used that code on the new sale price right? Anyway, i know stuff like this happens, but i just had to get it out of my system :P
Hey, do any of you know whether Suns R Us - Authentic Designer Eyewear is a legitimate online store? The prices on their sunglasses are really good... but the site seems kinda amateur and well... sketchy. What do u think... would you guys trust it?
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