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http://cgi.ebay.com/7-for-all-mankin...QQcmdZViewItem She's selling some Bootcuts 28, BIN!
Hemmed to what?
Don't know, MA to CA must be reallllllyy far
I wish I had your problem
Hey Tiff what's the shipping for you? Would have been $13-14 for me in CA.
Cute!!! Love the wash! Are they ridge? Must add them to my list, thanks!
Never, but everyone at the "Jean Party" said YES! I heard the turnout was GREAT....a lot were sold! Can't wait to see them around town
Quote: Originally Posted by fosterzmom Quote: Originally Posted by bingothedingo magic*7 has been a busy bee in her first day on Ebay. And, wow, she can wear anywhere from a size 26 to a size 31! That's magic! I think I might need a recap. . . Cut and paste my whole link (above) and you can view her bidding history. Size 26 and 31 are her other jeans that she is bidding on
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