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They make a 9 1/8" rise? Or they use to?
Awesome!!! That's a very generous thank you! Glad to hear that someone nice and thoughtful gets recognized, way to go!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by katie Yeah, I think you can just cut them and make them into shorts. CUTE idea!
Are they the ones with holes in the knees?
Great Price and cute crops!
Check out her other BIN's for jeans http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZbloop3
Are they actually going to wear them like that? Oh I know they need a button for their other jeans or maybe they are missing the other pocket on another pair. Very odd
Oh so sorry Tiff. It's due to that company settlement huhhh? It's terrible how the workers get the short end of the stick!
Quote: Originally Posted by ttramell Would you all kill me if I became another swepts? Are you serious? I thought about it too
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