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They both look really cute on you. But if you feel the need to sell a pair I would keep the A's and sell the bootcuts.
They look Fake, IMO. Too much yellow in the jeans. Here is a pair that I sold awhile back in the mall, hope it helps with price and pictures. http://honestforum.com/viewtopic.php...light=hibiscus
Thought you would like to see my son's lashes He's only 2
So funny!!! Just looking at those cards makes you not want to eat. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for removing that nasty picture quick!
oops sorry the style and cut numbers look off for me. Never mine
Gone! That was fast
missmk, maybe they forgot to remove yours?
I don't know why this is so interesting for me but oh well... I think I figured it out...chiquinhao places a bid for $3099 to see what debgia11's bid was, which is $308? Then retracts her bid? Yeah strange stuff!
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