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Thanks everyone for your help!
Hi Would anyone know the name of the wash to these A's? I thought they were Begonia but they seem darker then the pictures in the search section. TIA!
Thanks everyone for your help. I guess I will be okay with my 28's.....YEA! amandillete~ my normal rigid size is a 28 and I have 2 pairs of A's that are 27's in stretch.
Thanks dissociated! Quote: Originally Posted by conner I sized up and my HAVCs were tight at first but stretched out a ton! I have to dry them on hot after every wash. I probably should've gotten my normal size. Conner, what size are your HAVC's?
Quote: Originally Posted by ttramell I cant help but I will buy the 28 if you sell them lol Thanks, I'll keep that in mind
I just noticed my misspells, sorry... Anyone?
Can anyone help me...I tired a pair of Havc's in a size 27, too snug for me, so I sold them. Then I bought a pair is a size 28, but there is just a small difference. Not sure if they will stretch out or if I should go up another size. Do havc's fit the same as hav 1 and 2? And does anyone have a pair of havc's in a size 29 that can give me waist and hip measurements? THANKS so much!!!!
Cute! Love the outfit. I have the same comfy shoes in the tan color, love them!
The TR looks really great on you! I think I need to try TR also...what style are they?
Real, IMO It's probably the flash from the camera making the color look off? But is it just me or do the jeans look like there is yellow tint to them?
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