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Just running around doing errands. This is not what Im wearing out tonight. Man it is freaking warm outside.
take a picture of your louboutins
I dated a half japanese guy once. lol
oh man this has been a good morning!
Of course it's not high quality, it was shot very amatuerly. I put it up because I thought the message was good. It's kind of sad how rude people can be on here.
How do I get those seven minutes back?
Fortunatly I dont care what you think cez.
I just thought I would share this since we just had an election. It has a really good message. Plus you can see me dressed up as a statue of liberty that looks three hundred pounds. Enjoy. YouTube - Hope
lol I knew someone would say that
I like it in very small doses. I cant eat more than a few, but I do like the taste of em
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