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Hi guys! My mom sent this bag to me for authentication - Any help would be appreciated. I have cross-posted this to TPF. Thanks in...
what if the tickets are faked?
i have a 36" inseam. R&R is really the only company that caters to me!
the nearest club is 6 hours from me, otherwise that would be an option.
yay, it's a cebseb! *cuddle*
and i did ask a waitress... they said they aren't sold retail, company issued uniform etc. didn't help much.
awesome, thanks for the recommendations and you'd be correct, Kelly. you know exactly why.
Okay, so my husband and I went to the Hustler Club in the St Louis area this weekend. We both really like the outfits the waitresses wear... but they're not sold retail. Company issue only. I think I need someone that works there to get me one. Any ideas?
there is a boxed tea that's awesome, ginger twist is what it's called... as far as juice with ginger in it: apple, pear and ginger is my absolute favourite. i love it! soooo good.
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