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errr...guess I should be more specific next time : /
Does apc even make women's jeans? For sexy/curvy fits I like COH paige 7s Miss Sixty
Other men's denim brands you're into? simon miller nudie naked and famous g-star kicking mule tsubi (are they still around? I don't see them anywhere anymore) energie
Raw/selvedge denim in general is pricey. I noticed the Gap started carrying "selvedge" jeans...I wonder how they hold up
what materials? washes?
I don't know how I feel about the painted pocket...the fits are still great
I've head of cashmere jeans that run $600 or more, does anybody know of brands that actually make them?
The cloud wash is cool, but very trendy. I have a feeling they'll look dated fairly soon. The treasured wash looks natural and cool...
I don't see any picture. Am I doing something wrong? prps does tend to run big. Their washes are so natural-looking it's pretty easy to spot fakes...
wow! do you ever wear another brand of jeans?
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