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Yeah, I love the simplicity too. What do you mean by wrist part, care to elaborate? It's sold at retail for SGD$460 but I may be able to get it for around SGD$200, so I guess its a pretty sweet deal.
Opinions? Yay or nay?
It's APC
I agree, sleeping in raw denim can be hell. On a sidenote, APC PS or Nudie Slim Jim Dry Japan? Someone sway me.
Quote: Originally Posted by _inwonderland gam29 & ashy, YMC made a pair of boots with buckles/strap similar to those posted. Can probably be had for around $200 now if you can find them. These ones?
By unwanted creases, I meant that, for example, the honeycombs may become set higher or lower than the knee area, that sort of stuff. I will still sleep in my dry denim, but only after the starch has cracked well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi ^^^sleep in them You've got experience sleeping in dry denim? I'm considering sleeping in them but I'm afraid in might cause creases in unwanted places.
From what I know, PS is a minimized version of NS, lower rise and slimmer thigh and hem. NC is tighter. Both are tapered.
Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 beautiful boots. i've been looking for a pair similar to this, but in brown for quite some time. it's very difficult to find a pair of boots that maintain this look for cheap. if anyone knows where to find something (high quality but not necessarily from SF), I'd be interested as well. Beautiful aren't they? Surely, there must be another pair of boots out there that look similar; they are so classic. Anyone...
I know about the hate around here for Zac Efron but can anyone identify what kinds of APC jeans these are? Looks like new standards to me but confirmation would be nice.
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