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jskidder, your original comment was a bit on the edgy side and i gave you -1, but i also gave the original poster a -1 because i find that shirt offensive. lets move on, everybody please take the negativity out of your sigs
i didn't like the fat nano at all until i saw it in the stores. its kinda cool seeing people watching movies on that little thing.
i can't wait to see that laptop in the stores. as with the new ipod nano, it'll probably be even more impressive close up.
this made it to the blog please vote
check it! Steve Jobs Keynote Live From Macworld
yea i agree. i changed the above post to be more specific.
the bottom line is that the items were sold, and maybe they were sold off of ebay saving you like $6 or $7 an item. "2788 items listed valued at $326,966.86" this statistic is actually closer to being on the lower side of things because there have been a few threads with multiple items and some with $0 as the price
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az cool idea hey thanks. i appreciate the positive vibe. seems like a lot of people been drinking some haterade around here lately.
that super sucks. any idea how they got it?
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