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Check these Rockit 5 Speakers out on Amazon.       Have you ever listened to high quality monitor speakers?  They sound awesome.  They reproduce sound as it was intended when it was recorded in a recording studio.   The port at the bottom functions well to push air forward for the bass sections of songs.     If you get a chance swing by a Guitar Center to check these out.  I think you will like them.
Mr. Arturo,   Welcome to the site.  Glad to have you here.  Seems like you have lived in a number of interesting places. Would love to see some of your animation and media work.
Mike, Thanks for the intro!   (I'm originally from the Northern Virginia area)   Welcome to the site!
  Oh nice, Happy Birthday Levislad!  Have a great time in Budapest!  
/\    ahaha love it.  Good stuff.
    How are you guys doing today?  What are you working on lately?
*such a great show!
yea this is a very popular search it seems.  It shows up all the time in our google analytics
Emilio,   Welcome to the site!  Poland is a cool country.
Welcome to the site Corey!
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