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Yea welcome to the site TearLab!       (and if you want to advertise feel free to reach out to advertise@denimblog.com )
Gilles, nice to meet you. Welcome to the site!!
  Amazing video of an Ariel Atom hauling ass around this area in florida.  650HP!       Check this one out as well.  This guy is in a modified shifter kart and zooming down this hill.  He then turns around and goes up the hill even faster!  Incredible.         Here is one more of that insane Ariel Atom.  Impressive.
    There is also Etsy.  However I didn't see any great leads there on custom mens jeans.  Might have to look closer.
So I am checking out different options for creating custom jeans.  Here are a few things I have found:           I have been keeping an eye on this cool site www.MakersRow.com .  They have lists of factories all around the US that you can talk too.  I think some of the factories had high minimums.  I did find this place that does individual pieces.           Here is some of their denim companies that you can contact...
@Phukette - heh yea
  Have you ever gotten a chance to go snowmobiling before?   We are trying to put together a trip in a couple of weeks.  We are planning on heading to a little town here in Colorado called Crested Butte.  Its an amazing little place about 4 or 5 hours from Denver.           Really excited to get the trip together.  Will keep you posted.
I love the title of this thread btw.  
Sydney,   Ok awesome.  Welcome to the site!   Thats great you got an opportunity to spend time in France.  What a cool place.   Please make yourself at home!
 yea, its great to have quality speakers when you are listening to different types of music.   I like to listen to electronic downtempo.   Today we have Plej on the pandora.           Listen to them here: http://www.last.fm/music/Plej
New Posts  All Forums: