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@manuel - yea good call about the washing.  Thanks for the generous offer too!     @denimneverdiese I'm gonna have to check out the BDG's.  Good call.
I'm loving all these different Diesel helmets.  Diesel partnered with the company AGV to create these awesome helmets. more info:  http://www.revzilla.com/agv-diesel-helmets                
Dan, welcome to the site!  Make yourself at home.
/\ nice, I gotta check those out
Who do you think makes the best t-shirts?       Gildan         American Apparel         Mossimo (from Target)         Next Level         My personal favorite are the Target Mossimo shirts.  They are about $11 and they fit pretty well.  They seem to last quite a while also.     What are you favorites?
What do you guys think of these           They are Air Jordan XI's.     They came out in '95, '96 and became the most popular version of Jordans.     But they are pretty wicked expensive.  You can find some of these on eBay in the $300 range.             Here is the whole line: http://www.nicekicks.com/air-jordans/air-jordan-11/
Manuel, welcome to the site!  Nice avatar.
Amanda welcome to the site!!
Welcome to the site WhiteCat!
Welcome to the site OliverMarc,   I like Florida.  Used to live in St. Pete.   Have a great day.
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