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Luke,   Welcome to the site!   yea for advertising please contact advertise@denimblog.com.  We have a number of ways you guys can promote here at DenimBlog.   Best,   Dave
Sarah,   Welcome to the site!  Nice pic!
Thanks to the 46 of you guys that checked this forum post out.  I appreciate it.  If you get a chance to pick up the book, let me know!
Hey guys    Been busy lately working on a new project.  Its a simple and powerful new ebook that I wrote about hard work and persistence.  I would love it if you got a chance to swing by our new site and check it out.  Also check out the video we put together.   Thanks!!         Check it out at http://www.KeepCranking.com   
welcome to the site Pal82!
Welcome Tasarim!
Welcome to the site Tony!
Howdy Raiden,   Welcome to the site!  Good call on combining music with fashion!   Best,   Dave
haha, nicely put.  "jeaner"   Welcome to the site CJ!
Welcome Jolia!  I like Michael Jackson as well.  Check this video out   
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