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Have you guys ever seen www.Vine.co  its a pretty cool way to make little dumb videos.   Here is a funny one: https://vine.co/v/bYeYi1IDIr7
Thanks to all you guys who picked up the book.  Really appreciate it!
  Related:  I got this great feedback from a web professional that I really look up too:         I agree with him.  There are a number of things we can do to improve the site.  Would love to prioritize some of this work!
Jonathan, this is awesome!  Really love the feedback!   So the new navigation idea that you have in mind is      Top Brands  |  Top Celebs  |  Celebs in Jeans  |  Denim Reviews  |  Interviews  |  Lookbooks  |  Denim DIY
  its a summery warm 92 (33 celsius) today here in Colorado.
So, whats the weather like in your town today?
Hi David, I'm David as well.    Welcome to the site!
woohoo up to 68 views. Thanks guys!
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