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Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh the shipping cost is built in to the price of the item. the shipping cost is stated. when bidding, you take into account the shipping charge. if you're willing to pay $10 for the item and the minimum bid is 99 cents with $13.99 shipping, then the price is more than you're willing to pay and you dont bid. If you're willing to pay $18 for the item then bid to $4. if you're willing to pay $32, bid to $18 and...
Those Troulegs look great! I have a pair of 8BI that I hemmed and they also look sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan24 ok seems like no one knows how much these cost.... everyone asks, but it seems to get ignored. done ANYBODY know retail on these are where can i buy them?? Well, the Clush 8IH is $270, so I would imagine somewhere in that ballpark.
Quote: Originally Posted by JJINZ energie hoody v neck t safado 8aa adidas bw army AWESOME FIT!!! I am going to look for some Safados right now! If you don't mind me asking, what size are those, and what size are you in Zathans?
Quote: Originally Posted by Binker Boo How do they fit compared to 8FC? I would like to know as well. Also, are these stretch? If so what percent?
Besides my two beater pairs that I wear to work eveyday (Zathan 772 and Zaf 832), I don't wash my Diesels at all. Granted I have 16 pairs, so no one pair gets a lot of wear.
When I try to stream a youtube video, song on myspace, or any sort of streaming video, only the first 30% or so will buffer. I am NOT smart with computers at all, so any help would be GREAT! Thanks!
Here's mine. I'm looking to sell the Zafs and try some slimmer cuts.
I was afraid it might ruin the cut, but I think they turned out ok! What do you guys think?
I have been wearing Diesel exclusively for the last 3 years, and have never had a pair rip. I have been wearing my 772's as my work jeans for the last year or so, and they haven't ripped at all.
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