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8HL Hands down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Malencontreux I never really gave Diesels a chance because I wanted a little bit more pop to the pockets. Huh? Diesel has some of the most detailed and unique pockets I have seen. Plus the variety is unparralled.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder maybe its because japanese consumers are smart enough to know better than to pay a bunch of money for a re-badged toyota. personally if i were buying a luxury car, i would not go with lexus, infinity, or acura simply because you can get basically the same car in most instances for much less by buying the toyota/nissan/honda counterpart. I agree with this with the exception of the G35 coupe. To me, it is a...
Sweet! These look promising.
I understand what you are talking about. This has happened to me on a couple pairs of Zathans, but not as bad as it sounds like yours are.
772 stretches like crazy, I would size down for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* 34'' for a L32, are u sure ? Oo That would be daaaaaaamn long... Most L34's have 34'' or so Troulegs run really long. My L30 measure almost 32" Some people on here may try and tell you that hemming a Trouleg will ruin the cut, but as long as it is no more than an inch or so, it looks totally fine imo.
I like these a lot
I think they look great
^^^ word That sweater thing is nice BTW, I almost bought it earlier today.
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