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Quote: Originally Posted by Wolf Thanks. skidder, here's a link to a pair. Laguna Beach Jean Sunset Beach Denim - Men's and Women's 2008 Designer Clothing and Denim. Those are awful. Out of the pairs you mentioned, I like Zatiny 8FC the most.
I like the Trouleg cut a bit better, so I would go with those. The Zatiny is still sweet though.
I love all three!
I was looking at this earlier. I like it a lot, but I think I like the Jiftim better.
I still check it a few times a day. I really like not having to click on the thread to see a pic of the item. More items per page and comments would be great though.
8DK but in Trouleg or Safado
Both are awful. $390 for the Vikers =O
I would say size up one, but if nothing, pull them down. Thanaz is ment to be worn low.
Ruth's Chris and a movie
Quote: Originally Posted by JJINZ SCORE!!!! I just got a pair of safado 8ih in my size for $155 shipped! sweeeeet~ I was hoping someone on here would grab those. I would've clicked buy it now in a second if they were my size.
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