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Troulegs run 1.5"-2" longer than the tagged inseam, so you should be good.
Damn I need these in 30x30
I have 2 pairs of Troulegs that I hemmed 1", and they turned out just fine. I wouldn't hem them any more though.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder better than most of the other new distressed washes i've seen this season. Agreed, but really, what isn't? Also, for those who didn't click the link, THESE ARE $300!!! =O
I like mine to end right above the coin pocket
I want a pair of these. My super tight Zathan size is 30. What size should I get in these?
They are fake...
Quote: Originally Posted by DieselEmployee there are lots of stupid idiots listing diesel for .99 cents... gives them a 'fake' effect. You shouldn't list ANY Diesel jeans for less than $80-$100 if you want to get some respect for them. I start all my Diesels at .01 I have never had a pair go for less than it should have I offer authenticity or double your money back
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