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Quote: Originally Posted by uwhuskiesrule If I wear a 30x32 in every diesel zathan, x-rotuck, and trouleg I own EXCEPT for thanaz 71b which I have in 31x32, would I be a 30 or 31 in Dior mij 19cm? If need be I can take photos of myself in thanaz later today, although last time I posted them I received very positive responses about my fit last time. I have Thanaz 71B in a 30, and I have the Dior raw indigo mij in a 29. The Diors have slightly more...
For the most part I like Skidder, but I do think his criticizm is out of hand at times, and he does put down a lot of stuff that even he himself used to wear.
KEEP I wear mine all the time and love them
Ryan, thanks for posting those Swears. I have been looking for the perfect slim white shoe for awhile now, and those are them!
My 8bi 30L measured about 32", and I hemmed mine to a 30.5", and the result was awesome.
Should I get my Zathan size in these?
Thanks Skidder EDIT: Also, if I am a 29 in Zathans. should I get a 30 in the 19cm?
I was thinking that the 21cm fit more like the Diesel Viker, and the 19cm was more like the Safado, which is what I compare the Slim Jim to. Is this way off? 19cm is not as slim as Diesel Thanaz, right?
I want a pair of Diors that fit similar to the Nudie Slim Jim, should I go 19cm or 21cm?
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