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I am in search of a black blazer with slim lapels that is cut short to wear with my thanaz and Diors. I am not looking to spend more than $200, but I probably would for the right piece. I found this on Ebay, and like the look of it, but am unsure of the quality. MOD Homme Black Notched Blazer Jacket Slim Skinny Fit S - eBay (item 380056622212 end time Aug-25-08 19:08:26 PDT) Anyone have any ideas?
Back when Zathan was cool I had 35+ Now I have only 8, and they are all Thanaz and Safado
Thanks dude. me and the wife just moved in
Dior MIJ 19cm
Sweeeeet, thanks for posting, I just ordered myself a pair! For anyone who doesn't know, the promotion code honest2 will score you 15% off at Revolve
My pair of 30L measured 32"
I like these
These are a joke...
Band of Outsiders Diesel Safado 8AA Swear
Band of Outsiders Safado 8AA Swear
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