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So if I wear an 8 in chucks, what size would I be in CP?
I am But it has nothing to do with the economy...
Hate to burst your bubble but revolve wont let you use that coupon on Nudies. It is one of their restricted brands that they won't accept coupons or promo codes on. I have a pair of Slim Jim Drys Blacks in 30x34 in the honestmall right now...
Fit looks good to me I wore my Zatiny 8FC all the time before I made the switch to straight leg
8IH is cool
Yeah, I guess I could go the TaT route, that hadn't even occured to me. I had Jason make me a suit about six months ago and it turned out great.
Yeah, thats what I figured. Thing is, I don't really need this to last years and years as I doubt this style is going to be in forever.
I am in search of a black blazer with slim lapels that is cut short to wear with my thanaz and Diors. I am not looking to spend more than $200, but I probably would for the right piece. I found this on Ebay, and like the look of it, but am unsure of the quality. MOD Homme Black Notched Blazer Jacket Slim Skinny Fit S - eBay (item 380056622212 end time Aug-25-08 19:08:26 PDT) Anyone have any ideas?
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