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lol vag jeans
Yeah, the shoes are not my favorite honestly. I got them cheap online, and thought they were gonna be all white instead of having the silver trim, which I do not really like. I have some CPs on the way though =)
B.Son Safado 8AA Swear
Quote: Originally Posted by uwhuskiesrule I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I sized down 1 for Dior from thanaz. Maybe my thanaz was too big. I am a 30 in Thanaz 71B, and a 29 in Raw MIJ 19cm.
Quote: Originally Posted by ross the SuFu crowd is going to be hating them real soon. lol so?!?!
^^^^^^^^^^ ahahahahaha
not a fan
Quote: Originally Posted by ross What did you miss? The sneakers? the sale...
I got a suit from him last year and was quite pleased with it for the price.
fuuuuuuuuck I can't believe I missed this...
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