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I sized down a ton. They are 27s. I wear a 29 in Dior raw MIJ, and have a true 30-31" waist. The rise is what I would call regular, it is not low or high. I did not hem them, they have a 34" inseam I believe. They have about two or three weeks worth of wear on them, and fit great now, but were ridicolously tight when I first got them.
jacket is shades of griege and cram nailed the jeans
Thanks for the info on the CPs bro, I am calling first thing tommorrow. Is it the light grey they have?
Pelican - Dead Between the Walls
Thanks man I got it on revolve for like $115 with a coupon code
B.Son Dior Raw Black MIJ Chucks
ahahaha that pic of skidder is amazing
Zaf 87P was one of my favorite pairs a few years back. I would LOVE that wash in thanaz.
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