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Please post items that you are unsure about Authenticity. Me, Tom, Desoka, and other members will try our best to make sure you don't get burn by fakes.
dont look like jake to me jake never came in bas 19
I like Etro for their bold prints and patterns, but not yet own any pieces.
understood, I was merely referring to their material and detail works. I'd imagine they have relatively good amount of retailers in Canada, no? Honestly, Dsqaured has been declining quite a bit and I don't know any prominent select shops that carry Dsquared.
Three words in my book represents Dsquareds well enough (of course, IMO) not worth it
I've heard about it but never seen. We only have red Christian Loutoutins in red for photo shoot.....
DIOR HOMME Men - Coats & jackets - Blazer DIOR HOMME on YOOX DIOR HOMME Men - Pants - Casual pants DIOR HOMME on YOOX
looking good! the boots/skinny jeans/belt combo reminds me of Aumro Namie
You totally get my point wrong. Instead of me growing a thicker skin, why can you be more tolerant towards other people's fashion preference, so to speak? I rarely said a word to express my dislikeness for Zaf/Lyuker/Qruatt and other alike cuts simply because I acknowledge and respect, some people's body type are made to fit into relaxed cuts rather than slim, and vice versa. That's the point you are missing. Of course, you are right about the freedom of...
New Posts  All Forums: