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^ +1 for outfit, dont like the shoes though
i knew, i knew...
^am I supposed to know what it is automatically without a word? that's a lot expectations....
you can easily size down to 26*30 consider how you swim in them. Nonetheless, nice looking.
I certainly do not wish to defend the definition of my personal preference about "good find". If it's not your style, leave it as it is. If you cannot read the language, try to use internet tool more efficiently. If the price is too steep for you, oh well, it's certainly lower than retail. I like these boots a lot, it's just not my style and I can't rock it well.
^ you need to be more specific about what you are looking for besides "a pair of dressier shoes" in order to get valuable recommendations.
NWT GUCCI FW07 black slim trench coat jacket 38 46 48 - eBay (item 110318605036 end time Feb-25-09 11:13:28 PST) NWT 3880$ GUCCI SUIT GRAY PINSTRIPES 38 48 7r - eBay (item 160313129796 end time Feb-06-09 22:19:39 PST)
Ann D boots on ebay Ann Demeulemeester TRIPLE LACE BLACK BOOT shoe 40 - eBay (item 260354911016 end time Feb-06-09 14:24:59 PST)
looks good to me
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