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oh farco.
depends on what kind of thanaz you have, and which finn you are getting. In short, you need to be more clear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 I think was Dave's clever way to take a census of HF's gay members, so he could systematically ban them one by one.
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 You can still plus and minus posts even after the thread is locked I believe 24 negs is a record.
and he locked his own thread because he received too many negs? someone please enlightens me.
Quote: Originally Posted by exhausted celebrities can only wear diesel... not next level dior of course I was thinking to make this comment instead "dude probably makes 10 times more than average HFers" better?
what's so special about Dior? everyone can wear them as long as she/he can afford the tag price.
Minika <3<3<3
^ A+
^ I really don't want to make a big fuss about it but I am not even close to making any decisions for the icon. When first starting to mod High-end, I've pmed Dave about the possibility of changing the dior icon to another image (YSL cigarette suit) . That didn't happen. And then we have the....er.....USD bill sign. Due to various reasons (and the icon decision making process being the latest one), I've decided to step down from mod position entirely.
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