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for your first pair, get APC's.
^ you are fucking clueless.
Quote: Originally Posted by dylan61_772 $29.00, I just warm soaked them for 2 hrs and they are right where I need them. they are just gonna stretch back out.
why dont you just buy the right size to begin with...
Quote: Originally Posted by bradl brass knucles owuld be sooo sick ß super tacky...about as cool as the fucking condom fade.
graphics in fades is pretty lame.
day man, fighter of the night man. champion of the sun. fx has ordered 2 more seasons.
can trade a macnbits invite...hit me up with a pm if youve got an extra one lying around. thanks!
got a pair of new standards in size 28 (i normally wear a 29 in diesel). how long do they take to fully stretch out?? i can button them and wear them fine now after 3 or 4 wears, but they are still frickin tight. they could stretch 1/2 an inch or so and be perrrrrfect. how long does this take???
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