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imo they are 1/2 size big and they stretch!
oh wow, thank you for the link! This answers all my r&r questions! I just tried on the "kiss" in panic blue and loved them...and sized down. I have tried on scorpions before and wasnt sure if I liked them...but I love the kiss! Do they stretch out much? I almost bought them just because of the size! But then I came to my senses and figured I should consult the experts here first!
Scorpion fit and the Kiss fit?? I'm confused. And new to R&R if it isn't already obvious!
So, I purchased a pair of sevens on Ebay. They are not new, nor advertised as new, just "used." They arrive kinda gross and have stains on them that I am not sure will come out. I emailed seller and of course got the defensive reply. Is this a case of buyer beware? I'm not trying to be a bitch but I feel as though "stains" should have been disclosed...I would have not considered if I knew they were in this condition.
cute! do you have a full length shot? just because i am interested in a pair!!! you have inspired me.
Did Nordstrom have some sort of clearance on nakita dojos? All on ebay seem to say "with Nordstrom tag!" Looking for a full length 30, ignore my signature.
He is a sweetheart. You will not be disappointed!
omg, yes! I wish my backside looked like that in dojos. Keepers!
you have my dream legs! I would wear skirts like that all the time if I had those gams!
i'm here! but have experienced problems today & last night. i have some serious withdrawal issues!
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