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88H...Just bought some tonight and they're amazing.
classic view, hf really has come a long way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcano Dude, only one person said H&M??? H&M H&M H&M!!! Their clothing is made for Europeans, the men's clothing is very slim fitting and extremely flattering. My husband is very thin and this is actually the ONLY place he will buy clothes from anymore (refuses premium denim- someday I shall convert him!!!). So yeah, if I didn't say it enough: H&M!!!!!!!! problem is nearest H&M is in San Francisco.
Fast and the Furious, I'll save the translation.
I can't wait... They've been doing quite the marketing job, its got a lot to live up to.
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe The only good places I know of are: * Nordstrom Rail * Nordstrom Rack * Let's Go * Go * Rumors Any others? Hopefully, I'll find a store that carries TR Joey Super T's in raw. Not quite a boutique, but the Jeanery is one of the best denim stores around. Mostly diesel as far as jeans goes, but they have plenty of other shirts, belts, shoes, etc. Located in Fashion Valley....
Quote: Originally Posted by kenics Quote: Originally Posted by Marshall "Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied... by you. " It pisses me off when I can actually hear the line in my head but can't iddentify th charater of the movie!!! I actually have only gotten 2 from this whole thread so far Russell Crow in a Beautiful Mind, great film. "It's easy to grin...when your ship comes in....and you've...
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe Woohoo, I live in SD! La Jolla - Very expensive but really nice and right next to the beach and great shops and restaurants (this is where I shop for premium clothing btw). UTC - This is where I live...somewhat pricy...adjacent to La Jolla...central to everything, meaning 10-15 minutes away from all the hotspots - Downtown, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, etc. Lots of college students live in this area too as...
Here is one of my pairs of Ferragamo's, all slip-on's for me, I refuse to lace:
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe By the way, I have a date this Sunday which involves me driving up from San Diego to the South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County, so please please please tell me which stores I should make a beeline to. We'd rather not be wandering all over the mall cluelessly for 4 hours. go to Zara in South Coast, nice shirts, cheaper than Express, decent quality. H&M makes cheap dress shirts, but your closest H&M is...
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