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sale pending
A super rare wash in this size in like new condition, no wear fades or stains. These jeans have been sitting in my closet since my departure from skinny jeans, and I finally got around to selling them. The Thanaz 73j have never been washed and are in great condition, I'd rate it a 9.9/10. Used flash with pictures, so keep in mind they do not reflect their true color.   Add additioanl $20 USD for international shipping. Paypal as gift payment or add...
Looking for Safado 8iw and 73j in sizes 26/30 or 27/30 depending on the measurements. Or any other safado staples in those sizes   Also, I have a pair of thanaz 73j 27x30 for sale, pm if interested.
I'd go with 73j.. excellent wash. Or if you're willing to look at other brands I'd go with J brand Kane/Dylan in River Rock wash.
ahh icic i thought you owned the new standards, yeah i've ready alot of stuff on other forums and trying to find someone who actually owns both to give me some more detailed info. Thanks for your input shoebox, really appreciate it. Anyone own the NS in black and indigo and can tell me what the sizing is like from first hand experience?
Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox About the same, except the blacks stretch a little less so I hear. What size did u get in APC? Do you mind taking some measurements of the your indigo and black pair? Some people have told me to size up one from my indigo size for my black apc and just want to reconfirm this before i drop close to 200 for these on the APC site.
Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox I would probably say just stay with indigo but be prepared for a bit of a tighter fit. I don't think they will stretch so much less than indigo that it would warrant sizing up. So you're saying you indigo and blacks fit about the same after stretching?
anyone know what the sizing is like on a pair of APC Black NS?
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