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i ditched class today to go run errands and get drunk at 4 PM but told my group members i had a paper to write.
what a cute puppy
interesting comparison. reckless handling of luggage is really comparable to reckless handling of a car.
no thanks! i'm going to enjoy a leisurely lunch with my family and lounge around to avoid crowds. good luck to those who are going into the battlegrounds.
i dont understand why anyone would spend a good amount of money on a quality designer luggage piece and treat it with too much diligence and care. it makes no sense for me. i have two duffle bags from louis vuitton (some brown leather one and some blue leather one called "tobago?") and i throw them around, have the flight attendants stow them away during flights, and leave them on the floor. not once do i think "oh since i spent so much money on this i need to make sure it...
i have a pair of size 8 frankie b's on ebay! search under designerdesire (Tom) on ebay whos also a mod on HF!
get the curve. tmobiles version finally came out 2 weeks ago and i snatched one up right away and it is the best phone (not just bb) that i've owned.
lol those are dolce and gabbana jeans
i've been ditching class b/c i wake up too late from drinking too much the night before and i have been tellin teachers that i have food poisoning to get out of turning in an assignment "late". this happened 4 times in the last week. oops
someone needs to pay me.....
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