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They are essentially souped-up Guess jeans - similar washes, similar fits, similar designs. Not sure why they bothered with LA DA since there's already the "Guess Premium" label.
Real & authentic. Bought a pair looking exactly like this from the Levi's store.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder dieselx2 prada nice collective dior you know what they say about people who wear sunglasses indoors... and you are not one of those people who can pull it off. Hats indoors are just bad manners, unless you trying to hide something unappealing. P.S. time to upgrade the avatar, you look like you roll out of bed in that crumpled v-neck tee in your every other photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blue ^^ True, although he's far more blunt these days. He's not blunt, he's just plain rude and arrogant.
fake without any doubt, ebay was flooded with those around 2005 and they all had the same serial number as yours.
Quote: Originally Posted by Afro1989 How come I've never seen VB smile...ever? YouTube - Victoria Beckham On Larry King Live Pt:2 fast forward to 03:15
Quote: Originally Posted by blahhh lack of promotional work no kidding, never even heard of them.
I think PDC nowadays is your average mall brand, but I have to say I'll buy Lucky, Buffalo or Guess jeans there before I buy PDC in its current reincarnation. By the way, I was pretty surprised to see some PDC at Ross this week, and those were the classic papers from several years ago when they had superb washes, were made in the USA and used Japanese or Italian denim. At $25 a pop I bought a few pairs.
P.S. nice mug, haha
Quote: Originally Posted by strokesimon Now you have to admit you don't read carefully. I admit LOL, though I have to say it's a fairly ugly shirt for Diesel
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