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Tie between Revolve and Zappos for fast shipping & easy returns. But Amazon hands down for selection and price...shipping ain't bad either...for everything, including clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ross Gotta love that a "self-proclaimed expert" wears highwaters.
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 Either way, she wasn't my favorite person. Haha. You are far too easily impressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed No, I dont think she is the person behind that website, she just had another username on AF. Unless I missed something. I did read most of that thread on AF The second user name was part of a test. Getting banned was anticipated and acceptable test fallout. The test was successful.
Are Prada Bowlers gorgeous or what??
courtzzzz69 and ac421.... You guys always work for free? ...just checking for future reference...
That was poorly phrased. Currently, you can block buyers without Paypal accounts but you can't block buyers without confirmed addresses - in the US or Canada.
Quote: Originally Posted by apryl Angelina? Where's nekkid brad? You have to go back to the Gwyneth period for that...
I've been dinged as a seller and a buyer on Ebay. As a seller, here's the change I'd really like to see: I can block buyers without a Paypal account but so what....let me block buyers without Paypal accounts that have a confirmed address. That would be a meaningful seller protection!
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed I am not fond of the fact that neuts are now negs. No, negs are negs, neuts are neuts. They need to just do away with neuts then. Perhaps if so many sellers hadn't responded to buyers' neutrals with a negative retaliation, then a neutral would still be a neutral.
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