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You know there is no god, right?
good times, good times
In winter I am black and in the summer I turn purple.
  http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/43688/zathan-796-in-26x32-on-yoox-122   Yeah I never knew about men's diesel size 26. Nope, not a chance. Totally ignorant. 
In fact, here's a picture of him. As you can see, very slim. He's like 6' tall too:  
    a) Please go back and look at my mall listings. I've actually SOLD men's diesels in waist 26 ON THIS FORUM.   b) Sometimes sarcasm isn't always so well communicated in online forums. Be clearer next time. :)   c) His name is chris, he used to be a user on this forum, username csirip I believe. He wore diesels in women's sizes 24 and 25 because even the mens 26 was too big on him.    d) This is an x-rotuck 796, a jean that diesel made for men, that was sold in the...
Please look at my other posts before making such an ignorant comment as "you've never heard of diesels." 1) Not all diesel stores stock sizes below 28 for men. 2) Not all cuts are made in that size. 3) Not everyone has the luxury of having a diesel store near them. 4) Not everyone wants to wear diesel. 5) Not everyone can afford diesel. 6) It's possible for men to be even smaller than the smallest male size that diesel makes (I know some personally).   I agree with the...
this discussion has been retread SO many times on this forum. In many cases the only difference between a man's jean and a woman's jean is the tag (think: low cut, slim leg, bootcut). Some very slim men have eg 26" waists and there ARE no men's jeans made that small. Some men actually like to look feminine - none of our business   Society generally has no problem with women wearing men's clothes (think: boyfriend jeans). I say live and let live.
^didn't claim that every conservative was. Actually I didn't say anything about conservatives in general, just McCain...
huge win for equality.   Fuck discrimination, fuck john mccain, fuck bigots.
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