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^ u can find on rakuten market.   here is japanese site of rakuten. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/rich131/diesel_darron8e7/     L32(W29,30,32,33,34) is selling now.   but u know, japanese price is 2 times higher than EU/US's. lol  
@lpalma121    sorry i'm not sure about A.P.C  A.P.C jeans are so rare?  A.P.C new standard is differ from your mentioned A.P.C ?       and  my suede boots is Desel's one. maybe now on sale.
  @Oliver  try to more skinny tipe  thanaz,shioner.
so,    always we talked about 88Z    gray black: me and Cez  blue black: Evil and all?    http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/186284/88z-or-8aa     from left to right DIESEL-viker.88Z, Dior-IM,MIJraw,MIIraw,     from this pic, 88Z looks gray.           .
^ Wow   so i wonder that point when i took pic.. thx for your good advice, z.               .
@zdenal_cz,    plz let me know. which wash is "black" ?    88Z:gray  8AA:blue  8DK:washed out black ?  8A0:    which wash is perfect black ?
 nice AA's T.    how much APC in N.Y ?    so huge for u RL's coat IMO. i know last winter was so cold on N.Y.      but.....    OK  That's just your style. good for u IMO.                
btw: thx alex...  u post w/o my name, but japan postal service deliver to me. lol     i like W31(tight) but W32(little bit loose) too.    
actual leg op size of Hedi's(till '07) MIJ raw is 18cm on 19cm/W31. more tapered than KVA's MIJ raw bas19cm.   then under W29 it will go 17.5cm,IMO
AVIREX T DIESEL suede boots UMC09                   .
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