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^ wow thanaz fan!!   u have 2 pairs 8ww, 4pairs 73j.   and slammer 73h is nice one.  
^ have u ever try on thanaz ? or u have thanaz yet ? i think suit u better too.   i think 8M9 is not so good wash from this pic. upper block is similar to other brand's one.       but i never check this item by my eye. my opinion included possibility to go to think better wash when i saw real one.         .
^ word and 2nd pics do not print made in moro on indian tag.  itay,tune has print on indian tag, but moro do not.   ^^ post aucentic check thead plz.   http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/58175/official-authenticity-superthread
^ in my case DIESEL viker W31, just fitted.   i used to wear W31(little bit tight bnwt one. i have to pull off 1st fuck).                      W32 is little bit loose.   selecting size of Dior  is so hard. plz check yourself on Dior.boutique.      
^ wow u have safado too yet. and good time DIESEL's items.   which wash or washes do u like ?        
^ pics plz, i'v never seen 8t4 wash. jeans pics only or wearing pics ok. plz....   and how much and which location have u got shioner 8t4 ?(not 8N4)        
^ nice fit... u go to zatiny from viker? u like bootcut ? i think safado is good for u cof your long leg.          
^^ so nice fit !! i like your fit. and 8AA is nice color.   but so hard for advising best size or not,  we need pics around the ball and hip.    no homo.. lol   ^ pic plz.  8A7... u like it?       .
^ to ?         .
^ u have zathan and larkee? why don't u buy viker's 8b9? little bit tight for u?    
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